metal bandsaw manufacturer
Widely used in
industrial cutting
More stable
More accurate
Efficient, high economic

The advance technical optimized structure design of machine.

The machine body is welded high quality steel sheet and
treated by tension elimination.

Key parts aretreated by hard chrome plated/nitrogen/rubbing

The precision of adjustment is up to 0.1 mm, which is safe,
convenient and reliable

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We a manufacturing and trading combo located in China, produce and export machine tools for more than 30 years.
One stop shopping service: there are more than 10 kinds of machine tool products for your choice. Saving your time greatly and improves the economic benefits.
We specialize in industrial machine tools production with plenty of skilled workers. Like metal bandsaw machine, stamping press machine, lathe machine, milling machine and so on.


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300+ Skilled Workers


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“We have a number of steel need to cut, we choice GOLDCNC after visited a number of Chinese supplier. Their sales staff is dedicated, responsible person, so I think their products should be very good. Compare their product data with other manufacturer, I choose their products. Really, it did not make me disappointed, double column structure is very stable, sawing high precision, good finish, high efficiency. At the same time, the appearance is also very beautiful, this metal band saw machine help us to save a lot of time. ”

SchoenbergPurchasing Manager

“We are the manufacturer of the motor, with the Goldcnc sales staff to understand that they have given other motor manufacturers supply CNC lathes, experienced, quality clearance. We purchased, after debugging, began to use the processing, and good finish. Spindle box noise is not high, the protective appearance is also very beautiful. The external hand pulse generator is very easy to operate. Goldcnc lathe improve our processing efficiency.”

AnthonyPurchasing Director

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6 Advantages make our team stand out

Professional team

300+ Professional skilled workers.
20+ Senior technical engineer.
Professional sales team.

Testing issues

Millions of testing equipment, perfect quality inspection system.

Quality control

Procurement source control, installation process optimization, process quality testing.

Rich experience

Years of production installation experience. Years of experience in aftermarket feedback.

Moderate price

We a manufacturing and trading combo offer you the most suitable price in China with high quality products.

Perfect after-sales

Professional after-sales team maintenance after the sale of products, timely and fast.

Professional team
Quality control
Moderate price
Testing issues
Rich experience
Perfect after-sales

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The metal band saw blade is mounted on two saw wheels and is tightened by manual or hydraulic means. It is important to understand the installation and use of the saw blade in order to allow the metal band saw machine to be safe and stable while maintaining the machining accuracy.

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